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Root Canal Treatment, Chandler AZ

Hold on to that natural tooth for longer!

Teeth decay, break, and crack. When this happens, a root canal might be the best course of action. Root canal therapy salvages the natural tooth rather than replacing it with a dental implant. The tooth will appear the same way it did before the procedure and may last forever without another treatment.

Key Benefits:

  • Keep your natural smile and avoid dental implants
  • Essentially painless
  • Short treatment process
  • Maintain normal biting sensation

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Additional Information on Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a dental treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or is infected.Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth becomes infected and abscesses may form. Untreated inflammation or infection can be very painful, as well. Root canal therapy can save a tooth, restore full functionality, without requiring a tooth extraction.

In the past, root canal therapy was dreaded by those who discovered it was the only hope to save a tooth. However, developments in treatment have improved the process so that it’s not nearly as daunting as it once was. Now, a root canal treatment is similar to a routine filling and usually can be completed in a couple of appointments, depending upon the condition of your tooth and your personal circumstances. Getting a root canal is relatively painless and extremely effective.

When undergoing a root canal or other endodontic treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp – consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues – is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Afterwards, the tooth is restored with a crown or filling for protection and continues to function like any other tooth.

Among the advantages of having root canal performed to save your natural tooth are

  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force and feeling
  • Natural appearance
  • Protects other teeth from excessive wear or strain

If your Layton Lakes Dental specialist recommends root canal to save your tooth and you delay treatment, there is risk of infection spreading to the bone surrounding your tooth.

After the root canal therapy is completed, a permanent filling or crown is usually placed over the tooth, to protect the tooth and allow for safe and full function without risk of damage requiring further treatment.

With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime. Factors contributing to longevity of root canal treatment include how soon the procedure was performed after symptoms began, or evidence of infection was discovered. The sooner you see your dentist at Layton Lakes Dental the faster appropriate treatment can be done, to save your teeth and prevent any additional dental issues from developing.

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